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Advieh (Persian Spice Mix) (4 oz.) Crushed rose petals, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and cumin. Great on top of steamed rice or in a stew. Organic, handmade, small batch.

Amy Yao's Friend's of the Reef Sunscreen 25-30 SPF, zinc-based, no chemicals! 

A-Z West Containers Handmade ceramic containers for eating and drinking. Produced in Andrea Zittel's studio in Joshua Tree. 

BYOB SCF ACV Apple-cider vinegar made from the apple tree orchard at Salmon Creek Farm. Bring your own bottle!

Candice Lin's Winter Sake Lees Facial Mask very soothing in the winter dryness. Sake Lees, Calendula & Plantain Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Ginger, Garlic, Wasabi & Elderberry Extract. 

Ceramic Loquat Leaf Plate by Cirilo Domine An ode to this ubiquitous Los Angeles tree and its under-appreciated fruit. Each ceramic dish is unique, made from the mold of a loquat tree leaf. Glazed with ash from burnt seaweed. Made while in residency at the Mendocino Arts Center. 

Cider by Riley O'Neill Latta Still Newton Pippin Cider - Soquel, CA 8%

Jasiu's Winter Comb Honey (8 oz.) Comb honey from Jasiu Krajewski's Urban Farmstead in Mar Vista, CA.

Dr. Max's Anti-inflammatory Salve (4 oz.) CBD-infused Olive Oil from Max's brother's farm in Santa Rosa, Lavender Oil, Beeswax from our backyard bees and Arnica Oil. Organic, handmade, small batch. 

Fruitbowls by Michael Parker Stunning ceramics in a variety of glazes and sizes, from Michael's Juicework project at Human Resources

Fruitwood Necklaces by Cirilo Domine Beaded necklaces made with wood from various fruit trees (Cherry, Orange, Plumb), strung together in knotted silk and resembling praying beads such as the Catholic rosary or Islamic tesbih).

Late Summer Essential Oil by Ethan Delorenzo Jasmine, Black Sage & Lavender harvested from the Del Vaz Projects garden. 

Linen Tablecloths by Piero Golia Based on his Basel Paintings (2017) in which a kinetic sculpture was programmed to paint abstract geometric forms onto eight large canvases whenever movement in the exhibition space was detected. Available in three sizes: 55"x70", 55"x90" and 55"x118".

Loquat Jam by Nicolette Mishkan (8 oz.) Loquats from Nicolette's tree, maple syrup, lemon juice & cloves. All ingredients 100% organic. 

Murder Magazine Curated, edited and published by artists Bergrún Anna Hallsteinsdóttir and Síta Valrún. Issues no. 3: Blood/Home and Issue no. 4: Food/Death.

Nespolino by Nicolette Mishkan Loquat seeds soaked in vodka for 4 months with orange peel and vanilla bean. 

Persian Tea Mix (12 oz.) Ceylon black tea, rose petals and crushed cardamom pods. 

Rock Soaps by Benjamin Boatright Soap casts of rocks from the Central Coast and the San Gabriel Mountains. Made with a variety of nut and fruit oils, shea butter, cleansing clays and medleys of essential oils and resins. 

Sauerkraut (32 oz.) Red cabbage from our garden, and caraway, cumin, fennel and mustard seeds. Organic, handmade, small batch. 

Scrapbook by Chloe Chappe A pandemic archival book of food-related documents collected from friends and colleagues. Recipes, grocery lists, take-out receipts/menus and lockdown menu journals. 

Seven Year Garlic Pickle (32 oz.) My grandmother's recipe - and good for up to 7 years! Garlic from our garden, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar and sea salt. Organic, handmade, small batch. 

Soaps by Sessance Fragransi/Marisa Takal Each soap is custom made - no two bars are alike. Imagine owning a painting but smaller and thicker and sweet smelling and cleansing in your soap dish at all times. Made with excitement, ingenuity and deep love. 

*For more information and availability, please email us at

**Profits from the sale of these products go to support our public programming and school visits. 

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