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In conjunction with Derya Akay’s project Pumice, Del Vaz Projects will be hosting Cara Marie Piazza and florist Sophia Moreno Bunge to teach the art of bundle dyeing on Sunday, March 25th, from 1PM-3PM on the roof deck of the apartment building. The class will cover how to dye with frozen, fresh and dried flowers to create your very own work of art. I’ll be preparing a rosewater lemonade and pomegranate-orange blossom-cardamom iced tea; the usual fruits and sweets will be provided as well. 

While exploring creating your own healing rituals, we will experiment with how natural dyeing using healing flowers can transfer old energies into new and more productive ones. Please bring an old resentment and garment you would like to use for the ritual. While your bundles are steaming, Sophia will guide you through creating small, intuitive and airy arrangements out of foraged flowers picked from meditation walks. We will learn how to treat garments to be able to take natural dyes, extract color from flowers and natural dye stuffs and imprint them onto your clothes.

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