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Do you have visions of slicing ==========================================================
simultaneous spiraling================================================================
fresh grass, trash==================================================================== ==================================================================================
kill me for looking====Cunt hunt=================scrawled textures on a public epitaph for that X finally died. A sculpture with for song ­­­­­­ singing
============================Not having energy for the uncunt in jagged print
============================== celebrate with writing spritzer, white wine spritzer writing. Summer into winter writing under a table, on a ledge
near a cliff. They want meaning like sticks, waterfalls, wind chimes and respected shrubs.
============================cunts are obvious to the

In this workshop we will in the dark automatic what is already cut the extra for our purposes the language image through a series of prompts, some poetic, some physical, some remembering, some riding. Instead of writing say knife, instead of writing say ride now, instead of writing say record and transcribe. Gently together now.

FLEXIBLE, elastic, open to all! If you think this workshop is not for you because you write but are not a writer then it is probably especially for you. Bring pen and paper. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


C U Next Next Tuesday is a bi­weekly writing salon using language as material. Organized by Dylan Mira, Rachelle Sawatsky, & Amanda Joy.

With special thanks to Jennifer Piejko.

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